What Are You Sacrificing From The Lack Of Sleep


87% of Americans struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. 164 million Americans are struggling with Sleep Apnea, Insomnia and Sleep Disorders. 1 in 4 Americans develop insomnia each year.

A 1/3 of adults have reported that they usually, get less sleep than what is expected and recommended or not getting enough sleep at all. Lack of sleep leads to many health problems while, adding prescribed and over the counter medications such as Advil PM and Ambien to their daily, routine just to get a few hours of sleep.


Many people worldwide continue to search for a more natural way to fall asleep and stay asleep. One effective way that swept our nation recently, was Essential Oils which, we also currently, use for many different things.

Pill usage in America in 2018 has increased, dramatically. So, if you suffer from sleep deprivation and sleep disorders like sleep apnea then, you’re contributing to the sleeping statistics worldwide.


However, adults are not the only one’s whom are suffering from these problems. The number of children and toddlers suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia are rising, greatly. Why does our population have such a hard time trying to get to sleep and staying asleep?

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep, effects your daily activities at least 3 times a week. As of March 2018, the percentage of people losing sleep is up 34%. Surveys are showing that 40% of Americans get or will get less than, 7 hours of sleep a night which, is the recommended amount of sleep, The National Sleep Foundation says we need to function at our peak performance.

The lack of enough sleep can greatly, increase your risk for Type II Diabetes as well, as reduce hormone and muscle growth. Studies are starting to show the health problems caused by the lack of sleep have similarities of those whom are suffering from Alzheimer’s.

The lack of proper amounts of sleep can also, effect your pain tolerance, the ability to fight infections, strong immune system, weight gain and not to mention, memory loss, your ability to learn anything new and most of all your reaction time.

Studies are also, showing that skipping even just that measly 2 hours of sleep, you thought wasn’t much or nothing at all, can increase your chances of an accident while, driving and more than doubles the risk of death.


However, there is 1 trending product that seems to be a quick fix for all and is sweeping the nation. The latest Weighted Blanket also, known as the “calm blanket” comes in many different weights and varies from person to person. So, we jumped to the trend to try it out for ourselves.

We were extremely, surprised on the affects it had on us during our first night trying it out. I’ve gotta say.. I slept great for the first time in a long time. I personally, suffer from anxiety among other things but, sleeping and staying asleep during the night has always been my biggest challenge.

I guess you can say, I am a part of that statistic.. I typically, get 3-3 1/2 hours of sleep M-F so, when I get less it definitely affects me, dramatically. I don’t function at my best considering, I have really long days. I commute several hours in the early morning and late in the evening so, my reaction time is definitely, impacted when, I get less than what my body typically needs to function.


default-weighted-blanket-for-adults-lexis-kreationz (2)

I cannot express enough what a difference the weighted blanket makes. I’m not a big fan of pills or any type of medication actually, I refuse to take anything. We have really, become big on Essential Oils and all the different combinations we can make or combine to make and create and at times it can be a little funny, Lol.

Typically, we use the citrus and lavender with peppermint, also. But, the combination of the Essential Oils and the Weighted Blanket has done wonders for us. It helps that it is one of the top trending products, recently. But, don’t take our word for it.. check it out for yourself.